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      AvatarZoey Dowling

      Hey, this may be a recurring question or one already covered but I could not find anything that may help me out. I try to foam roll my quads/it band as well, and when I do so, my quads are always unbelievably tight to the point where I feel more pain than I think I should. I also am very tight in the front of the hip. Any advice to help those muscles loosen up some? Also, it feels as though the muscle over my scapula is very tight on the left side if anyone has any advice for doing some mobilizations to loosen this up?

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      AvatarZoey Dowling

      It also feels as though my right leg is farther out than my left leg. For instance when my doing a leg press or something where I squat, my right knee appears to be farther forward than my left leg does… If that makes sense.

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      If it hurts too much with your current roller, get something softer.  I am a big fan of the yoga tune up balls, myself.  The two balls together are just the right size and squish to keep the pain manageable.  Move to harder rolling devices after you can handle the soft ones.

      You can use the balls to get the front of the hip just under the bone as well.  For the rest of the psoas, see the gut smashing mob.  If you don’t have a soft ball kicking around the house, I have used a cushion on top of a soft foam roller or just a rolled up cushion or ball of towels.  It’s better than nothing.

      For the scapula,start with your t-spine if you haven’t already
      Then add some freestlying on the scapula and everything around it
      I like lay with the ball right in the middle of my scapula and do snow angel type motions a la the wisdom of Jill Miller. Do both sides, but feel free to spend more time on that tight left side.
      Not entirely sure what to make of your leg issue.  Might be originating in your hips?
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      Not 100% sure what you mean when you say “try to foam roll my quads”.
      If you are not doing it correctly this could be the cause of some of the pain.
      If you are very tight it is going to take time in the beginning for shorter periods of time.
      Do a dose have time away and go back for another dose.
      Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.
      Have you had anyone video you squatting so you can see exactly what is happening?
      Seeing it will help you identify what is happening.
      How are your squat mechanics?
      If you have an issue at the hip this could be an impacting factor for what you are experiencing when squatting.

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      AvatarZoey Dowling

      Thank you Jeanette, that’s something that I will definitely have to try!

      Kaitlin, sorry about that, I probably should have been a little more detailed. What I meant was when I try to foam , basically I can get on the foam roller and go up and down slowly, but I can’t pressure wave or tack and floss very much because the muscle feels so tight that it feels kind of like I am entering the “pain cave”. I haven’t had anyone film it or anything because no one is typically at the gym when I go because of the extremely late or early times that I am able to go. I am pressed for time sometimes whenever I do my mobility work before the gym so I honestly may not be spending enough time doing it. I feel my tight legs could be a result to having to stand for 8-10 a day at my job. Any advice on what to do to unglue or undo anything from standing all day? My hips seem to have a large amount of tightness so I always have a lot of trouble getting them to open up.

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      Start off slow and do a few shorter doses/exposures.
      You want to do this a few times a day everyday.
      Rushing doing mobility work isn’t a good thing.
      You don’t want to set the stage for injury or something to go wrong.
      If you are pressed for time at the gym are you able to do mobiilty work at home?
      What is your standing position like?
      Are you over extended?
      Cleaning up how you stand will have a big impact.
      Episode 128: The Pelvic Fault and Back Pain
      Episode 274: The Standing Athlete
      Episode 269: On the Spot MobRx for Tight Hips
      I would find time to have someone do a video or set a video camera or your phone camera up.
      This could be a key in seeing what is actually going on.

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