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      I started crossfit a few months ago and I only started getting this problem recently. When I do strict overhead presses with the bar or at max effort I’m fine and theres no pain but once I push press at higher speed I get pain like 90% of the way up and locking out. No pain in benching or push ups. The pain is only in my left shoulder and feels like the front of my deltoid but it could be coming from my pec minor or my biceps. I don’t get any pain doing any other movements with or without weight. I have been working on becoming a leopard and my shoulders have full range of motion in every way I can think of internal and external rotation, overhead, hang. Another thing is when i put my arms straight out in front of me and internally rotate both shoulder kind if click. I used a lacrosse ball and softball on my deltoids and tried fran the next day and was fine but then the next day i got pain again. I don’t like taking days off working out cause i feel unproductive even if i do mobility work. This is the only thing tht really bothers me but you need your shoulders for a lot of wods and I can do ones that dont use shoulder but I dont want to do that forever. Does anyone have any ideas?

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      Have you had a coach watch you move through the movement patterns of restriction?
      Have someone video you going through the movement patterns of restriction so you can see exactly what is happening. Push press is a more complex movement pattern.
      Have you done mobility to address your delt and pec minor and bicep?

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