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      AvatarSpencer Rudey
      I did 150 reps of situps while holding a medicine ball up high
      I felt sore there for a couple days
      Then a week later I did another 150 reps
      Now I goto sleep curled up in a ball and I cant even do 1 front situp
      I felt some pain around my bellybutton for a few days which freaked me out
      But that seems to have gone
      Now its just an overall tightness around my stomach and solar plexus
      Its all in the front
      But not down low and I have no backpain
      My side abs feel good too I can do side situps no problem
      But I cant twist from 1 side to the other or sprawl out fast

      Its been around 4 weeks
      I have been training alot of boxing and running these past weeks without the situps
      But its not improving I think its getting worse
      Im leaning back in my chair atm tryna stretch out

      I feel like the cause may be the PSOAS muscle from what i have read online
      But then most people are discussing back or Hip pain but im not feeling that at all

      I need some advice on what to do and what to avoid

      Any tips appreciated
      Peace David D
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      It sounds like you should consult a doctor.
      It has been around a month with no improvements and possibly getting worse.

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      AvatarSpencer Rudey

      My GP usually just says to stop doing what im doing which is prob good advice lol
      Just an update
      Last night after watching Kellys video I gave that a go
      I tried rolling a tennis ball on the hip flexor area
      I just did it for 5-10 minutes and I was laying on a mattress too so I dont think i was doing much

      I didn’t feel any immediate effect
      But this morning I feel 100x beter
      I can barely feel any tightness and I dont think I curled up as much when I slept
      I layed straighter for the most part
      So maybe by relaxing the hip area a bit it put less pressure on the whole muscle
      And then sleeping a bit straighter just lengthened it out
      And thats why I feel better right now
      Its too early to tell so Ill let you know tommorrow if i really feel better or im just imagining it
      Peace David D

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      Great to hear you are seeing improvements with this.
      Next do it on the floor vs doing it on a mattress.
      Here are a couple episodes that hit on sleeping positions which will help to continue to improve the situation.
      Episode 39: Sleep, Pillows, and What Your Low Back Says About Your KB Swing
      Adaptation Error: Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach & The Right Bed
      This may hit some that will help improvement in that area as well.
      Jill Miller Smashes Your Guts! (and psoas, and tacked down viscera, and matted down abdominals…) Part 2

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      AvatarSpencer Rudey

      Cool thanks Kait
      I still felt good the next day almost back to norm
      Then I went to the gym and did all sorts of rolling around on a foam roller and stretching and I still felt good
      Then I carried some cement bags down to the garage
      I didn’t feel anything but later I could feel the tightness around my stomach is back
      Not as bad but its back
      I felt around my upper abs and if I tense them I can feel a vertical line of muscle form right in the middle
      So I googled that and found all this info on the rectus abdominus muscle
      And how that can separate in people!
      I can’t feel any gap and its not sticking out but I can feel this line of muscle clearly
      If I push into that I can feel that tightness feeling worsen
      This is right where my problem feels too
      And apparently those medicine ball situps are a test to indicate damage to this muscle
      There is no way I could do even 1 rep now, where I could do 50 before
      So I was wondering if you have some videos on this muscle specifically

      Any tips appreciated
      Thanks David D
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      Sounds like some professional help may be needed.
      This is an ongoing situation that improves then slides back.
      You need to identify the cause so the cause is addressed and all symptoms go away.
      Symptoms will not go away until the cause of the issue goes away.

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      AvatarSpencer Rudey

      Ok thanks I made an appointment with a sports physio for friday

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