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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

      Anyone know what Kellyʻs views are on PRP and Prolo therapy? Iʻve heard a lot of good things about it but was just curious what he thought about it.

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      Last year I read a lot of good things about it. This year I’ve seen some research referenced that shows PRP/Prolo therapy doesn’t do as much good as advertised.

      This is what I asked myself: “What does Prolo therapy do?”

      PRP specifically brings platelet rich plasma to the injured area. PRP is already found in blood. So if I can bring new fresh blood to the area, aren’t I accomplishing the same thing? If I can do so multiple times a day in conjunction with mobilizing the area – doesn’t this do an even better job? 

      If I do Astym or Graston and combine that with voodoo flossing, I feel that I’m doing the latter.

      For how much prolotherapy costs – I just think  you get more bang for your buck with the other, less invasive, options that are out there.

      I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts. Prolotherapy doesn’t have a whole lot of literature out on the internet – so the more feedback we can get, the better.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      FWIW I had a buddy of mine who did prolozone for a torn meniscus. he said his first treatment seemed to work well. but then the next two kind of put him backwards with more inflammation and less mobility, some pain.

      guess it’s not perfect.  
      or really just for professionals who have a ton of $ on the line if they can’t getup and play tomorrow. for us mortals, i think just rest and healing would work well….
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      I had prolozone done 6-8 times (forgot the exact number). Summary: It did not work

      Long story:
      It felt really good for 1-2 weeks after the injection. My pain went down from a 6 to a 1 which felt incredible. I thought I was going to finally heal my injury. But after 2 weeks the pain came back to normal (maybe even worse). So I repeated the injections hoping for longer lasting results each time but each time the benefits lasted shorter than the previous time. So I stopped taking prolozone injections.  The prolozone was a mixture of: ozone, dextrose, some vitamins (I believe it was vitamin B6 and folate), and a short acting analgesic (procaine or lidocaine – cant remember which one).
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      I have heard good stories regarding prolotherapy and PRP by anecdoctal evidence throughout the internet. Doesn’t seem to live up to the hype of the marketers, and doctors performing the procedures. Their doesn’t seem to be any good clinical studies showing their efficacy. I guess it depends on the injury, but they seem to work better for some things (i.e., ligament or tendon issues). 

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