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      AvatarLauren Baker


      I copy this about a year ago, I wrote this post here in the forum:

      English is not my first language, so if something is not in good form, please forgive me.

      First, I had an injury-basically fell off- when I was 14,I am 22 now, the joint somehow injured/recovered (proved by MRI), then I was okay for few years. But I ve been struggling with my shoulder since 3 years now. I visited several physical therapist, doctor, massage therapist, basically no improvement. Here, almost every doctor, medical person is incompetent-at least they were in my case, like saying I cant stretch, they didnt use lacrosse ball,foam roller etc. 2 years ago I had a surgery, basically my labrum was ‘shaved’, tho they didnt see any serious injury. But somehow it didnt improve, like I couldnt do 5 pushups without pain.I bought Kelly’s book, the Supple Leopard(45% ). and bought a subscription to this site about 2 month ago, and since that, my shoulder is improving, and I slowly recovering(tho I havent trained yet, only mobility excercises), and now I know the theory how to excercise with the correct form and I started to pay attention how my posture is during the day.

      Right now I dont have full range of motion in external rotation, internal rotation and overhead motion, but its getting better.”

      So here I am, one year later still no improvement. I tried getting back training, it was like I could train for 4-5 weeks, very very low intensity, (for example doing TGU with 6kg, few assisted pushups, TRX assisted pullups, bear,crab,monkey etc crawl, level 1-3 from Convict conditioning), along with at least 1 hour mobility work a day, (shoulder, tspine:everything else ratio is like 5:1) After that few weeks, the pain came back so I had to rest for 1-2 weeks, doing only the mobility stuff, and like arm circles just to draw some blood to the area, fueling the recovery. Did at least one Kbowman alignment snacks a day in the last 3 months, its very gentle too(maybe too gentle sometimes) and 20mins walking on avg. +deadhangs, hangs 2-3 mins/day

      I pay attention to my posture all day-of course I’m nowhere near perfect- changing the way I sit, I regularly stand up and do few squats, arm circles, and stretches (that dont look too awful in public, no Harry Potter mob 😀 ) . I have a decent bed and pillow, I sleep 7-8 hrs every day, pretty clean diet, paleo variant that I tailored for my own needs/resources. I don’t smoke cigarette nor do I drink.

      So now I really dont know where to go. I put really hard work in it, studied it a lot, but cant do 10 fucking full pushups without either immediate pain or pain the next few days. So its not like I want to train like I used to.

      In my country we don’t have competent physical therapist, doctors. I visited the “best places” here but ppl were FOS, talking nonsense, like you are not supposed to stretch your shoulder ever, or you shouldnt do any sports involved your shoulder etc. Despite MRI didnt show any real damage, nor when they did the surgery and clean the joint and “shave” the labrum. Doctor said my shoulder joint is a bit loose and I probably cant do any martial arts. MRI done before and after my surgery, few independent medical person said they dont see anything extraordinary.
      Heres a picture, showing my hot spots. (please dont mock me for the lack of muscles)


      So on this picture I drew signs.
      ………: this are of my neck has a very weird nervy pain/discomfort. I feel it almost all day, when I touch it its like 3x more sensitive than the other side. (I do anterior neck mob from new Supple leopard p289 regularly, its a very intense nervy feeling when I do it)
      X: this area if I put a little bit of pressure with my hands like pushing it down I can feel it popping, just few milimeters probably. Sometimes when the discomfort grows I had to push my collarbone in, and it pops very loud, and then its a bit better
      #: heres where I feel the most pain after/during excercising
      not in the picture: where my lat “meets” my shoulder from the back. Same pain as #.

      Also I experience elbow pain sometimes. My elbow is not hypermobile tho.

      I really dont know what question to ask anymore. So I just leave it without question, and I appreciate any oppinion or advice. I don’t want to accept that I can’t train when I’m 23. And even if i dont train, the pain is there.



      Ps: english is not my first language,please keep that in mind!

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      AvatarLauren Baker

      Ps2: red mark on shoulder is from vodoo floss

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      AvatarIngo S

      Are you going after your first rib?

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      Is there a coach at your gym that can help you?
      Good to hear you are seeing improvements. It may take some time to resolve since it has been an ongoing situation.
      Need to identify the cause of the issue to get it resolved.

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