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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

      How long should the pelvis reset take i before it clicks, i can’t seem to get that click?

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      AvatarMichael Schwerin

      i know i have a longer right leg and, my hip flexors are 5 times more tight on the right side and generally that sides hamstring is tighter too, i also end up squatting deeper on one side. 

      no matter how much i try i can’t seem to get the pelvis to click, is the twisted pelvis a result of the tight hip flexors and hamstrings or the other way around, will addressing the hamstring and hip flexors solve the short leg, or do i have to do the pelvis reset thing for it to click back into place(I’m trying but cant get it)
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      How do you know that your legs are different lengths?
      Has this been confirmed by a doctor? What is the cause?
      You may need to see a chrio for a hip adjustment.
      Are you addressing your hip flexors and hamstrings?
      These restricting contribute to squatting to one side.
      Your body makes adjustments to complete the movement.

      Addressing the tight hip flexors and hamstrings will help the issue.
      It may not completely solve the problem, but you need to start working on it.
      If you are working on things and not seeing improvements you need to re asses the situation.
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Frankie,

      I might be wrong, but isn’t the pelvis reset one of those things that only “clicks” if it needs to? As in, if you have pain and dysfunction caused by the two sides of your pelvis being a little out of sync, you can use the technique to reset it? 
      I’ve tried the reset a couple times just for the sake of it, and had no click or anything myself, but then I don’t think my pelvis is very dysfunctional. 
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