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        I have been having a pain in the front of my armpit in what I presume is my pec tendon or at least in the area of the insertion. I feel a dull pain when I bring my arm across my body. Wide grip pushing movements, pull-ups (when I keep my elbows in from gliding out), or even being in the ring dip position also aggravates it.

        I did a ton of weighted pullups and pushups 2 weeks ago. However, I have taken the past week off, but I don’t think that has helped much.

        Anyone have any tips on how to ditch this pain; is inactivity counter productive / should I begin resuming exercise to promote blood flow, or do I need another week off?

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          Sounds like you worked past your tolerance levels for these skills.
          Yes resuming movement as you are able is a good idea.
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