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      AvatarFelix Bittner

      After finally overcoming IT band inflammation in one knee (after a year!) I found out two days ago that I have a bone spur at the top of my patella that has already done a little damage to the tendon. The prognosis I got from my PT was not particularly good. It sounded like this sort of thing was going to seriously impact my ability to do much strength and conditioning work with my legs. I’m only 32 so that would be a really frustrating set back. Apparently this is becoming really common at work (military) and my PT is frustrated that she can’t do much. An ortho surgeon is coming to our PT office for a clinic and I’m on the list for a visit.

      Has anyone had a similar problem? If so what was the outcome?

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      Have you had anyone look at your technique when performing skills that are impacted?
      What is your run/ruck technique?

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      AvatarFelix Bittner

      I’ve had some of the lifting coaches in our gym look at my squat, clean and other barbell lifts. I did have some faults that they fixed over the last couple months, but generally my squat was pretty good. My biggest fault was a little valgus knee when I was doing power cleans, push presses and similar dynamic movements. I think my running technique is pretty typical pose running. Not sure if that helps answer you questions.

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      Without attention it is something that can continue to impact what you are able to do.
      As you noted there has been some damage to the tendon.
      If the cause of IT Band inflammation isn’t identified the situation will not improve.
      You are passed your body’s tolerance level for “generally was squat was pretty good.”
      A valgus knee episodes:
      Pro Episode #5 – Knee Stability and Laxity
      Episode 240: 10 min Squat Test #8, Athletic ACL Injury Prevention
      Episode 07: Bro, Your Navicular Bone Dropped
      Have someone video tape you running so you can see exactly what you are doing vs what you think you are doing. Are you doing any drill/skill work with running?
      What did the ortho surgeon say?

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      AvatarFelix Bittner

      IT band inflammation was from general poor mobility and an imbalance in hip strength. I’ve managed to work through that problem. Unfortunately the physical demands of my job never let me completely rest the inflammation. The IT band has calmed down now after fixing the hip strength issue. My mobility is better, but in the last few weeks I’ve started to focus a lot more on trying to buy some slack up stream and down stream from my problem areas.

      I’ll have someone video my running and get a look at it, thanks for the tip. I was previously doing running drill work, mostly during my warm ups by focusing on mechanics. But I don’t have a coach around all the time, so I might have ingrained piss poor habits and not known it.

      Still waiting on the ortho surgeon, hopefully I get to see him/her soon. Not being able to do anything is driving me absolutely bat shit crazy.

      Thanks for the videos I don’t think I’ve seen those yet.

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      Good to hear the IT has improved and your mobility is improving.
      Having run drills in your warm up is great. Keep that in there.
      When you see what you are actually doing vs what it feels like you are doing makes a big difference.
      Do you have restriction on your movement?

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