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      AvatarZoey Dowling

      Hey everyone, when I am doing the classic anterior hip distraction with a band on my right side, I get a sharp burning pain on the outside of my leg almost in my IT band. Any advice as to what could be causing this or what the solution could be?

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      AvatarJames Elwin

      The banded anterior hip distraction where you’re in a lunge position? Where is the pain specifically more near the hip and trochanter of the femur or down near the lateral side of your knee where the femur meets the tibia/fibula? The IT band is quite substantial.

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      AvatarZoey Dowling

      I’m sorry its actually the banded hip extension, its similar to the couch stretch…its right below my hip on the outside of my quad and feels like it is somewhat in my IT band too. It’s a sharp burning pain almost like the band is cutting into it but I do the movement with the same amount of stretch and same position on my other side and no problems.

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      A quick thing to check is the band placement and make sure the band isn’t twisted or folded over anywhere.
      Have you addressed your IT band?
      You may have a difference one side to the other or have something impacting one side and not the other.

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      AvatarKeith Borg

      It’s likely a superficial nerve.  Smash your quad and try again!

      Lat fem cut nerve.
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