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      Hello all!  I would love to throw this out to all you medical knee people!  I have a long history of right knee issues include a discoid lateral meniscus…Crazy I know. I guess I was just born that way.  Anyway, I had surgery on that in 1989 and all has been pretty good up until the last few years.  To bring you up to speed… I am  41 year old female, athletic, not over weight, have Ehlers Danos Hyper mobility type, Former college gymnast, Rheumatoid arthritis but otherwise very healthy.  Had my knee scoped last fall to measure me for a cadaver cartilage on my lateral femur side but ended up having too much damage in three areas for this to work.  SO they cleaned it up and sent me on my way and said a knee replacement is in my future.  Fast forward 6 months and I’ve had an issue. I stood up from a swivel chair and kind of turned as I stood and my knee gave a HUGE pop (like so loud you heard it from the other room) and I had terrible pain on my lateral side.  Went to the ER and then had an MRI ordered from my ortho.  It felt as if my knee dislocated from the joint ( not the knee cap) and then snapped back into alignment.  It felt as if my shin went one way and my thigh went the other way.

      From the MRI this is what they found…
      Lateral compartment arthrosis with grade 3 chondral loss and deep chondral fissuring to the posterior flexion articular surfaces which is progressed from last MRI…Grade 2 chondral loss central trochlear groove. Synovitis superior lateral aspect hoffa’s fat pad consistent with lateral patellar compression syndrome. What’s your opinion on what I should do next?? I think I am too young for a knee replacement but I can’t go on living with such bad pain and the chance of experience this sliding feeling like it’s going to go out of place.  Would love some advice on who is the best knee specialist around that can help athletes or people that want to be active and lead a pain free life style.  Thanks all! M
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