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      Hi folks,

        It’s such a relief to see that many people suffer with similar conditions right along with me.
        It all started with not being able to lift my left shoulder higher than shoulder height.  I didn’t think a 56 yr old should be having such problems after years on/off with chiro’practors ,pain medications  and PT to get through several issues with my back,neck and shoulder. I ended up at an orthopedic doctors office, who said my rotory cuff was torn a little and she started me out in PT. I had asked the PT what this lump was on my left shoulder between my collar bone and shoulder blade. He said it was a knotted muscle and proceeded to use his elbow  several times to apply a lot of pressure in a circular motion to what I truly believe now, is a bone!, and needless to say it hurt a lot! 
         So After switching my health insurance and just a couple of weeks of PT, I began having a severe burning in my right hand ,when I woke every morning, 
         So I went to see a new orthopedic and I ended up having surgery for carpal tunnel as he found this issue as well and he wanted to  rule it out. but I was starting to have severe muscle spasms in my neck now,. so I went to see his colleague who specialized in the spine. The MRI showed a definate issue with the disks in my neck. I ended up with 3 disks replacements and a a plate holding them all together. But yet the lump was still there, so I went back yet again to the shoulder/hand specialist and His first reaction was to say, thats weird, He told me that it was a rare condition called a twisted scapula, in which there was a surgery to correct it, but he had never done one before, but felt confident that it would not be a problem as he had a colleague that had a lot of success  with that type of surgery, Needless to say I got a second  and third opinion with a well recognized and respected shoulder dr near my area  and another one in Gainesville. The one in Gainesville, had me do a battery of nerve testing and told me basically hat my left shoulder will naver work properly again due to excessive nerve damage. The other well known shoulder Dr in Ocala, told me that was poppycock and asked me to lay on the table and had pushed down on my left shoulder while asking me to lift that arm up, Low and behold I was able to lift it for the first time with no help in 5 years. Then he sat me up and asked me to lift it again,but I was not able to. He told me what was happening was that my shoulder had slipped out of position and surgery could fix that easily. So I had the surgery and yet again realizing 2 weeks later that the lump was still there. He told me that  the shoulder was not as badly dislocated as he had thought, and showed me pictures of what he did find and fixed. 
          When I asked him why I still had a lump on my left shoulder, he claims it is just a tightly knotted muscle, Now Im saying poppycock! I looked around on the web for pictures of a twisted scapula and found this sight. Im not a doctor but I do know the difference between a knotted muscle and a bone! and this is a BONE!!! I believe that my lump may be a twisted scapula trying to protrude between my shoulder blade and my collar bone or perhaps behind my shoulder bone.   It is an obvious difference than my right side which has no lump.. My shoulder sits about 2-3 inches lower than my right shoulder, and when I sit in a plastic chair I can feel my left scapula sticking out and pushing against the chair much more predominantly than the right. I believe the first doctor was correct in that I have a twisted or turned scapula and I would really appreciate anyone who has this condition to suggest what I should do next, once my shoulder heals and I try loyaly following directions from my PT again for several months. If the lump is still there and I have no improvement or ability to lift my shoulder again, after I work on it, I am going to want to try again at get to the bottom of this issue once and for all!. Thanx for any advice!!
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