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      I’ll try to make a long story short.  Over the years, my hip tightness has gotten worse and worse, which has made my hip bursitis that much worse.  It’s so bad at this point that it flares up when I walk from the car to the grocery store.

      Background:  Before the military, my hips were flexible.  I could put my legs behind my head and walk on my hands, if that’s any indication of how far I’ve fallen.
      How it started:  Not really sure. Lot’s of running for sure.  Started with knee pain.  Eventually diagnosed with PFPS in left knee.  Then, also in right knee.  Eventually, got hip bursitis in left hip hip. Then, also in right hip, just not nearly as bad as in left hip.  Being in the military, I saw at least 6 PTs, 2 orthos, yada, yada…. No one really helped.  Eventually, I got medically discharged.
      My theory is that the bursitits and PFPS all ties into poor hip mobility.  The problem is that I haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly is tight.  So, if you can take a look at this pic and let me know, I’d appreciate it.  The pic is not of me (I can upload one of me if need be, but I just woke up and grabbed the first one online I could find that showed the correct position).  Obviously, he’s lying down, not sitting, but the gist is the same.  Imagine he’s sitting.  My left knee comes up higher than that when sitting with my leg crossed.  My right leg sits a bit lower than than that when crossed.  Needless to say, it’s very uncomfortable to sit that way and it also makes it very uncomfortable to do other things like putting on socks and shoes.  
      I really hope someone can help me pinpoint my restriction here.  I’ve been living with this for about 15 years and am ready to move on.
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