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      Holly Ann FergusonHolly Ann Ferguson

      I am so excited to get on board. I am one of those unlucky few who have never been injury free, always plagued by injuries and niggling pains.


      At the moment I am worried sick about this numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers of both hands and the big toe areas of both feet. It has been going on for a few months. Initially it would be the most intense upon waking up from  nights sleep, especially the hands. Now it lingers longer throughout the day. Now it seems to progress to some muscle atrophy in the arms (maybe I’m paranoid). I lift heavy stuff quite a fair bit so I should not be experiencing atrophy.


      Have seen a chiropractor. The adjustments over 10 sessions have not relieved the symptoms. Seeing an orthopaedic will only lead to prescription drugs or surgery, options which I am not willing to explore.


      I do soft tissue work and I stretch pre and post workout. But for this beaten up body of a 42 year old, it never seems enough.


      It is a desperate plea here for some direction, advice and help. What could I possibly be experiencing? Kindly point me to the remedies for immediate relief. I will do anything.


      Thank you so much.





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      Holly Ann FergusonHolly Ann Ferguson

      I suspect it’s a pinched nerve somewhere. Its affecting the pinky finger region of the right hand and the outer foot region of the right foot. Now I get the sensation throughout the day.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hmm lots of nerves running around everywhere that can get pinched.

      how is your posture, especially at the neck?  our sedentary computer lives makes our heads droop down, which causes abnormal curvature at the neck, which can cause nerve pinching.  posture issues in the lumbar spine/pelvis can also cause nerve problems going lower.
      how is your breathing?  when you take a deep breath, do you breath via your upper body or with your diaphragm?  breathing thru your upper body can make for tight traps and shoulders, potentially pinching muscles.
      how are your hamstrings? those could cause pinching of nerves as well.
      if intense upon waking, how do you sleep?  are you on your back? lying on the side(s)? does your mattress support your body properly?
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      Holly Ann FergusonHolly Ann Ferguson

      I don’t sit much at the desk anymore. Quit my desk job 2 years ago.

      Breathing is as per normal. Granted I have generally tighter muscles around the trap and shoulder areas as I have been working out for year, but I do stretch and roll diligently everyday. I have only had this problem in the last 4-6months but now I get it everyday and throughout no matter what I do.


      The sensation is most intense upon waking. In the past lying on the side would lead to it. Now even lying on the back wouldn’t help. I have had 3 pillow changes but to no avail. I have tried sleeping without a head rest and with a rolled towel under my neck, then my sleep gets affected.


      What should I do or try?

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