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      AvatarSteven Cesare


      Need your help, I’m a Physio and have a pt who’s a mountain runner- really high standard. She’s had lots of neural issues especially in proximal hamstring area but with s&c and some lx work that’s all cleared up. Now all of a sudden she has a numb foot after 5 mind of running. It comes on almost like clock work once she rested its ok to go again but then after 5 mins it’s back.

      Tried lots of stuff but nothing seems to work, she’s had a scan and there’s nothing wrong

      Need help!!

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Check her pelvic and thoracic position and breathing mechanics. If she gets into an over extension fault, bad things are going to happen. Especially if it seems to happen at exactly the same time every time, makes me think positional error. Would also explain her high hamstring issues.

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