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      AvatarJeff Cherpeske

      Hi everyone,

      Please bear me here as I’m sure this has been covered a ton of times before (I did search).
      I’m really struggling with my ankle mobility. Trying to get my knees over my ankles to any decent degree is not happening.
      I’ve checked out the episodes on here (i’m a Pro user), but I’ll be honest, most of it went waaaaay over my head.
      Using the bands, I’ve been working on trying to open up the ankle capsule, and i’ve been jamming my foot up against the rack and trying to open up the ankle/stretch out the calf.
      But my ankle ROM is still shockingly bad.
      To be honest, I’ve not got any structured approach. I’ve watched a load of videos on here, and on YouTube, and I’m a bit overwhelmed.
      Can anyone recommend a good progression of exercises/techniques to really work on opening up my ankle?
      Bit of info…I have some floss, bands, rumble roller, lacrosse ball, evil spikey mobility ball (about tennis ball sized).
      Thank you in advance for any help/direction.
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      Is there a coach at your gym that may be able to help?
      Message me your email and I’ll put something together to help get started.

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      Kaitin, would you be able to post your response to the OP in the forum?  Thanks.

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      There isn’t a way to upload a file I’d put together for it.
      He didn’t contact me so I haven’t put anything together for it.
      I don’t know what the op is.

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      AvatarDouglas Li

      I’m quite intrested in this aswell. Having a lot of issues with my ankles.
      By OP they refer to “Original poster”.

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      Gotcha message me your email and we can start looking at it.

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      AvatarJustin LaRoche


      Can I jump into this as well?


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      AvatarDeanna Langer

      Hi Kaitlin,

      Could you send me the file as well? The Original poster’s post sounds exactly like the position I am in (I have bands, foam rollers etc. Stretch my calfs every day) but my ankle ROM hasn’t improved at all after some time. So any structured program would be great.


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      Absolutely message me your email and we’ll go to work on it.
      Have a good one–

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