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      Hi all,

      I have been reading “Ready to Run”  and have been trying to stand at my desk barefooted (I work from home) and making sure my posture is as good as can be, and after approx 30 min. or so, my big toes in both feet go numb ??  
      as a side note, I went to a foot dr. after I had pain for 2 months after doing a tough mudder.  He told me that one leg was 1/4″ – 3/8″ shorter than the other…1st time I was ever told that in the 40+ years I’ve been alive.  I had been going to chiroprator for a few years off and on, and they never said anything (3 different offices, with multiple Dr’s.) and also I have collapsed arches.
      The foot dr. gave me a temp insert for my shorter leg shoe, fitted me for inserts for both shoes, that I now have and wear (feels like I’m standing on a marble in each shoe)
      My goal is to train myself to do the Pose method of running, to get to zero drop shoes, all while taking my time getting there (using the 10% a week method).

      I guess my main question is can I correct my arches and get to a point of zero drop shoes without the need for inserts?

      thanks for taking the time to read,

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      If the difference in leg length is something new you may need your hip re aligned by a chiropractor.
      What is your standing position?
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1

      Collapsed arches you can do foot exercises to  strengthen your feet and build an arch.
      Starting working and improving where your feet are at.

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