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      After a stay in hospital sleeping on a very uncomfortable bed I experienced neck pain that didn’t go away and after an x-ray it was determined that I had compression of the c5-c6 disc (narrowing) as in the following report:

      Minimal straightening of the cervical spine. There is grade 1 retrolisthesis of C5 on C6. There is associated disc space height loss at C5-C6. Vertebral body heights are normal. Facets are well aligned. No osseous lesion or acute fracture. No prevertebral soft tissue swelling.

      As a snowboarder and mountain biker I’ve had my fair share of crashes with one particularly bad bike crash in 2015 where I landed hard on my head. At the time it felt like my back took the brunt of the impact but my neck could have been affected too.

      I am visiting a chiropractor twice a week but the pain isn’t going away. I am looking for advice on what exercises to incorporate to help with the issue.

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