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      AvatarTodd Landry

        I’m wondering what mobility tools I should get next, so far I got the following

        Lacrosse balls
        Peanut (with lacrosse balls)
        36″ High Density Foam Roller
        Grid Foam Roller
        Orange/Green/Red Rouge Monster Bands
        Voodoo Floss

        Right now I got about 150$, I was thinking about getting the little battle star with the handles or the cradle, but I hear some great things about the supernova / Gemini.

        What do you think I should get right now.

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        AvatarTodd Landry

          Also I see kelly use a kettlebell for shoulder mobs, Like this for example:

          I was just wondering what weight kettle bell should I get for this. I just wanna get one because they’re pretty expensive!

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