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      AvatarJason Fiissel

      Hello, I have been playing around with the newer “Groin Exploder” (band around high hamstring pulling femur forward with leg extended to the side). Often times when I get to the “groin exploder”, as I sit down into the squat the outside corner of my anterior hip starts to cramp on the leg that is in the squat position and not banded. If I get out of the deep hip flexion, the muscles release and its fine. I have experienced this occasionally with other mobilizations as well, but it happens almost every time I attempt the groin exploder. 

      Is this a result of a lack of range, or bad tissue quality, or bad motor patterns, or is this more likely due to dehydration and electrolytes? Or maybe a combination of all of them? Would it help to smash those areas before doing the groin exploder?

      My mobility sessions always occur immediately following an early morning WOD. I usually take a protein shake before the workout and consume almost a liter of water during the workout, but haven’t eaten anything yet. I’m taking in about 4 liters of water per day.
      Thanks for any and all input. 
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