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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Is this the most frustrating diagnosis or am I not doing something right.

      I am told to strengthen the shoulder and I do so.  I then proceed to injure it again during hockey, and then I am back to square one.
      I strengthen during the off-season with no subluxations, but when it comes to hockey it is bound to happen once a season.  It then procedes to cause problems all year long.
      Are surgeries a viable option…  I am running out of ideas and getting frustrated.  Please tell me there is someone out there who has this same problem?
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      It doesn’t sound like a strength issue.
      When playing is your upper body in an organized position? And are you able to maintain a stabilized organized position through movement?
      I recommend watching this webinar The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function to increase your knowledge and understanding of the shoulder.
      Doesn’t sound like this is a surgery situation.
      Have you experienced trauma to your shoulder?
      Do you have restrictions within your rom, internal/external rotation?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      to add to Kaitlin’s comment about good position – say when you swing at a puck, is your shoulder drifting forward and out of position as you swing?  So making sure you can keep your shoulder in a good position when you are manipulating your hockey stick is important.  You swing the stick too often with effort in a bad position and you’ll hurt your shoulder for sure.

      this assumes you’re not talking about getting hit/checked into a shoulder injury…
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      Avatarsimon brooks

      Generally this happens under 2 conditions:

      1. I fall on an outstretched hand. Can be an innocent fall.
      2. My shoulder gets up mid range when rubbing an opponent out.

      Its not from big hits or shooting.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hmm what comes to mind is rebound training for upper body force absorption. It would be things like clapping push ups, or bench press rebounds with a 45lb bar. I am not familiar with details but know of some people who train for that. I can point you to them if you like.

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I’ll take any help I can get

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      you might try these guys: http://www.wannagetfast.com. they are in upstate NY. they may do remote coaching.

      let me look through De Franco’s DVDs (available on Rogue Fitness) – there may be something in there – haven’t had a chance to crack those open yet!
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