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      AvatarMyya Beck

      I’m reviewing Becoming A Supple Leopard:

      On the turkish getup transition stage from the position
      where you have the kettlebell pushed up with your lifting arm but are
      lying on your back, to the next step where you push your torso off the
      floor with lifting side knee bent, and opposite arm extended and pushing
      off the floor. I can try and add a diagram if that helps…. I know you
      are supposed to keep your opposite arm straight out to your side, but
      it would seem that in that position you cannot easily generate a force
      straight up without kicking the extended leg for momentum.

      In that transition it is easy with a lighter bell but as you get heavier
      weights seems challenging. I saw video of Steve Kotter and it he
      actually stomped down with the lifting side knee to generate momentum to
      bring the bell and his torso up. I also noticed myself if I rotate my
      torso towards thes sky that helps too. It seems important to keep the
      entire trunk and head as one monolith too. Does this sound right? Do you
      have any technique(s) or form do you suggest?

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