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      Hi there,

      Kelly recommends 15-20 minutes of mobility work everyday.

      If you have a particular problem area in my case the shoulder, should I be working that area every day with mobility smashing, flossing, desecration?


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      Yes working on a trouble area daily is fine. In the beginning it can be helpful to have 2 sessions a day working the area. It needs the reminders because you are breaking old habits and creating new ones.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Cr3do,

      The good people at SFCF have a history of calling these problem areas/movements your ‘goats’, and K-Star has recommended adding those to your regular mobility work. 
      In general, this is how I prioritize what I’m going to work on:
      1) Anything causing pain
      2) What was worked hard during training
      3) A goat piece
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