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      AvatarAimee Phillips

      Hi Guys, I attended the CrossFit Mobility and Movement Seminar at CrossFit Southie back in September which was awesome. I took loads of notes on my Ipad and have continually used them to inform myself and my clients at our box.

      I yesterday lost my Ipad!!! Aggh
      So I am wondering whether there any any standard issue notes or other personal notes taken from the seminar that I might be able to get from either MWOD or anyone else that attended and might be willing to share with me? Absolutely gutted as the seminar was so great in walking us through a systematic approach and the notes were very informative.
      Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
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      Are your notes in icloud?

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      AvatarAimee Phillips

      No unfortunately not!

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      AvatarGina Borgetti-Evans

      Hi James,

      Much of the content of the course is similar to Kelly’s book, Becoming a Supple Leopard.  In there you will find the framework for how we approach movement, and movement dysfunction, archetypes, common mechanisms of injury, and systems for setting up good movement patterns, as well as a good amount of mobilizations.  What we can’t replace is your personal take on the how the notes make sense to you, and which mobilizations you were taught during the course. 
      Best of luck
      Sean McBride
      MWOD Staff
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