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      AvatarDotty Doyle

      I am fairly new to working in mobility and have dabbled over the past year. I’m about 100 pages into Becoming a Supple Leopard and have been watching a lot of videos as well. Recently I watched the 7 Green Lights videos from last month, and I quickly realized that I am having fairly drastic issues in all of the archetypes. I am wondering how I should prioritize working through my mobility in a way that I can start to make progress and create change in the chronically tight tissues that are dispersed everywhere from my ankles to my neck, traps, and shoulders. Thanks so much.

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      AvatarSami Lemmetty

      I am in a similar situation. I have been doing the fourteen day green light challenge.
      I’m doing two a days to try and tackle more work.
      Definitely could use more advice on programming/scheduling/prioritizing the mobility wods in the most effective way

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      Hey Guys–
      Start with the spine first.
      If the spine is out of alignment then the big engines of the hip and shoulders do not have full expression.
      What questions do you have?

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      AvatarCatie Bertges

      Hi Kaitlin-

      I also struggle with this question. I have significant upper and lower body restrictions and have no clue where to really start. Using your advice, let’s say I start with the spine.

      Should I “work my way out” from the spine and address all upper body restrictions before devoting significant time to my lower body? I’ve tried in the past to attack my entire body each day (not sustainable) and the time really adds up (1 hr plus).

      If not, how would you suggest I mix and match upper/lower body mobs daily? Maybe upper body mobs in the morning, pre/post workout, and then lower body (glutes/quads) at night?

      Will there come a time when there won’t be *so* many restrictions I have to tackle, allowing me to transition to a general maintenance routine?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you are identifying and address aspects which need attention.
      In the beginning it can seem overwhelming, however, as you start chipping away at it you’ll see things start to resolve as position and movement patterns are corrected in other areas.
      Spine first, next move to the prime movers hip and shoulder.
      Spine, hip, and shoulders set the foundation.

      Have 1 focus for upper body, one focus for lower body per day.
      If you spend 15:00 or so a day and are consistent yes, you will transition to a proactive, general maintenance work.

      As you are more aware of positioning, movement patterns, technique with skills and are seeing lasting change while building a solid foundation you will see some things work themselves out as position/movement patterns improve.
      Start chipping away at it.
      Have you watched the webinar:
      The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function
      A place to start with understanding more about how things interact with and within the shoulder.

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      AvatarCatie Bertges

      Hi Kaitlin-

      Thanks for the detailed and thorough response! I’ll follow your suggestion and monitor my progress as I start chipping away. I’ll give that webinar a look as well!



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