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      Marisa LicataMarisa Licata
      Hello Supple Legion, I’ve had an MRI and have a small labral tear on my right hip. I’ve watched Kelly’s video on implications of this, but wanted to delve more into the practical side of things (aside from surgery- I’ll look at that down the track). Has anyone else with this injury found certain mobilisations that work well? Or is there any advice for ones to avoid? I’ve found that some of the banded hip distractions cause pain (bad pain too) and some help alleviate it (lateral distractions, anything grinding the hip into the socket). Any thoughts are appreciated! At 35, I’m adamant that I have plenty of active years left in me!!
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Zane,

      I think you’re on the right track there. You need to mobilize the joint in ways that don’t provoke the bad pain. You’ll probably be able to identify the ranges that irritate or impinge the tear, and it’s not going to be productive to provoke that. But if you back off the range in the same direction of movement (to a point that doesn’t provoke pain), you might find you’re still able to improve your mobility in that direction.
      Just be less aggressive, and become and expert on what your hips like and don’t like.
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