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      AvatarKevin Kuhn

      Had osteochondritis dissecans in the elbow several years ago. Did two MRIs 6 months apart and the bone was actually coming back to life, less dead than the first MRI. 

      There isn’t pain in the elbow any more though; I’ve lost about 15 degrees in extension, and about the same in flexion (obviously making locking out or the front rack a bit tricky). Is it possible that the muscles just tightened up due to the injury? I feel that my shoulder is effected because it’s trying to compensate for the elbow. I want to avoid that. 

      Any suggestions on how to regain mobility here?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you addressed the tissue above and below the elbow?
      Bicep, forearm, tricep?
      Have you addressed the shoulder at all?
      Shoulder position can impact elbow positioning.

      Few episodes to start with
      Episode 316: Tricky Elbow Fixes
      Burpee Smoked Elbows? Epicondylitis-ness? Voodoo it.
      If you need to get a voodoo band
      Banish Your Elbow Bench, Dip, Pull Up Pain, You Don’t Really Play Golf or Tennis Do You?
      Pro Episode # 32 – VooDoo Floss Series #1, Theory and Elbow
      Pro Episode # 34 – Voodoo Floss Primer: Elbow Part 2

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      AvatarJoey Shillolo

      @Kaitlin_ excellent advice posting videos, above and beyond most comments i see.

      SwadeJaxsun I had broken the tip of my elbow off and had 2 pins in it for a year and 2 surgeries. i was missing range of motion like you.  so we have the same symptom of rom loss rooting from different problems.
      I went through therapy 2x’s and still was lacking rom. 5 years after that I took an archery class and within 6 weeks I had 100% rom.
      using the bow compels your wrist, elbow and shoulders to work like a wrist, elbow, and shoulder should.  
      Todd Hargrove, “A Guide To Better Movement”, teaches a principle that the nervous system as a highly intelligent, overprotective mother.  once your brain feels safe or that the movement you’re about to do won’t affect survival then it begins to give you more movement capacity back.


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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      thanks Jake
      Yes, the nervous system needs to be unwound sometimes.
      Something can be healed, however, if the pain message isn’t interrupted the same message is getting sent from the area. Neuro muscular resets can be down through estim, IASTM recovery work.

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