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      AvatarEdward Getterman

      Hello, about 9 months ago I had a partial meniscus removal, lateral meniscus bucket handle tear. My question is although I’m back to pretty much full training and movement, I get clicking in the operated knee is this common?, my main question is are movements like squats, skipping, running detrimental to the long term health of my knee?. Many thanks Chris

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      Where you had a partial meniscus removal you have less of a buffer for silliness or less than ideal technique.
      It may be very beneficial to go back to the beginning with these movements and spend time doing skill work.
      You are a different athlete now. Not a good/bad thing just different.
      I can speak to the importance of taking the time to do alot of skill work from personal experience.
      Taking the time to correct any deviations in technique during the early stages is key.
      With proper running technique you should be ok to run pain free/ injury free.

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      AvatarEdward Getterman

      Thank you that’s some great advice, I am going back to the drawing board, correcting imbalances, making sure my form is correct. That with an improved diet and more mobility work have been a keen focus. 

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Chris,

      Fellow partial meniscectomy survivor here (medial bucket handle tear). Like Kaitlin said, you’ve given up the privilege of buffering bad positions to some degree, so make sure your movement skills are fine-tuned. Your knee probably won’t ever be the same again, but that doesn’t mean it will be horrible. It will just need a little extra attention and care.
      Kelly put out a great post a while back for a user-request Friday about athletic life after a full meniscectomy. The individual is probably a more extreme case than yourself, so some of the more serious precautions might not apply, but the info might lend some good insight into how to cope athletically with that missing bit of knee stability:
      Hope that helps!
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