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      AvatarRaelle Tagge

      First, obligatory thanks to the leopard and co for developing this awesome resource. I started watching the MWODs from ep 1 on youtube recently and then you released this beautiful site. Thank god. My knowledge of MSK medicine, which was underwhelming from medical school, has exploded! I am confident that I can actually help my patients now.

      However, in order to help others, one must help self first and I have a lot of issues. My knees do not bother me but I’ve noticed some (seemingly random) mild ecchymoses occurring near the distal portion of my adductor attachment on my left leg. I can trick myself into thinking it’s associated with my knee and thinking maybe its over my MCL/meniscus. It’s not painful but I can sometimes find a mildly tender spot when mashing randomly. No history of blunt trauma. No issues twisting, feels stable. I have been in barefoot shoes for a few months now and running a few miles doesn’t bother or worsen it. I do not have a valgus deformity but probably do have navicular drop when I am mindless. Do you think it is safe for me to go after this area with soft tissue mobs and adductor/hip videos? More curious than anything but I want to be safe. Thanks!

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Daniel!

      Sounds pretty benign. If you have no pain with movement or instability and it’s not affecting your activity I would just monitor it and let it heal. I wouldn’t directly or aggressively do soft tissue work on that exact spot till it goes away but otherwise would carry on as normal. If you notice this starts happening regularly and are frequently getting these unexplained bruises I would go get it checked out just to make sure it’s not due to some other underlying issue or if you happen to be taking any medications that are associated with increased bleeding or bruising.


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