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      I have been having medial ankle pain on my right ankle for about four weeks now. It started with just a small discomfort during dorsiflexion. It has remained and gotten worse over the past few weeks. It is also sore right around my navicular bone at times but not consistently. When i start warming up and moving, I do not experience the pain in dorsiflexion. It does not come back until a few hours after training. It does not bother me when i walk but when i actively put it into dorsiflexion or when i try to squat. I have read up and saw that one of the tests for posterior tibial tendon issues is being able to palpate the tendon. I can feel the tendon when i roll anterior to posterior over the medial aspect of the tibia where the tendon runs and it is uncomfortable when i do. I have come to terms with the fact that i need to rest it but I am wondering why this started coming on now. I used to have really flat feet but over the past year have done the foot protocols and now have a decent arch forming. My guess is my ankle is still missing that knees out ROM and when i put pressure in dorsiflexion my foot is collapsing and putting strain on the tendon. Has anyone ever had an issue like this or do any of the staff have an approach to get rid of this and keep training? 

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      Sounds like a situation to get checked out by a practitioner.
      It isn’t a new situation and there are compensations occurring that you may or may not be aware are happening.

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