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      Emmanouil KelaiditisEmmanouil Kelaiditis

        I was trying to perform the lunge archetype and I was able to get only to the first position, both knees on the ground. Bring my other knee forward was impossible.

        I am a runner and I often have hip pain, especially after intense workouts.

        So, the question is, how can I improve my hip mobility?

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        Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

          Hello Emmanouil,

          I would check out the membership dashboard to the virtual mobility coach section. Go to the workout section and mobilizations for the lunge archetype. The combination of the banded hip extension, bent knee quad mobilization, and basic glute mobilization will be a great combo to get you started. Try incorporating these into your routine and should be on your way to restoring that position. Here is a link to these mobilizations!

          Lunge Archetype

          TRS Staff

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