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      I have been watching the videos and bought the book as
      well.  All of which are very informative.  My issue is in my lower back, right about at my
      sacrum.  I had a car wreck years ago and
      crushed my left leg, broke the pelvis too. 
      I had to give up lower body work as my left leg was not as strong and
      had issues squatting.  The issues I understand
      now may have been just as much a fault of not understanding proper form


      Whenever I try to work out my lower body, running, or weight
      lifting my lower back tightens up so my I have to lay down to try to stretch it
      out.  I went to my Orthopedic and was
      told the spine is fine, the issue is with the muscles on one side tightening to
      the point it makes one of my legs ½ inch shorty, causing my issues.  I was wondering what I could do to overcome
      this issue so I can start running again, and weight training my lower body as I
      am now in my late 40’s.



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      The cause could be improper technique.
      If you don’t have the proper mechanics for running or for a certain lift this is causing the pain in your back.
      Have someone video you doing the movement so you acn see exactly what is going on.
      Seeing it adds another level of understanding to the movement pattern.
      Do you have tight areas/muscles in your lower body?

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      Kaitlin, Thanks for the response,  You have a very good point about using video.  I have not run for over a year now, or worked out with weights for my lower body.  If I simply stand at the kitchen sink leaning slightly forward I have the issue of the muscles tightening up.

      As for other areas of tight muscles, I have been stretching my claves, hamstrings and quads for several months with no change.

      Thanks again

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      If you are not seeing change then you are not going about it in the most effective way.
      Time to re evaluate and determine exactly where the restrictions occur.
      Sounds like you need to look at ankle mobility, heel cord, & achilles

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