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      AvatarVineet Mehta

      I am new to this board, and just purchased The Supple Leopard book tonight. I tweaked my lower back pretty bad a month ago doing deadlifts. It was my own fault because I overworked the area. I had done max deadlifts on Friday, and tried to do a hero WOD Saturday with fairly heavy weight. My back had the slipping feeling on this Saturday and instant muscle spasms. I experienced spasms regularly all day. After a week, I was able to workout again and did a variation of Fight Gone Bad. This past Saturday I experienced the same pain doing deadlifts, however the recovery was a lot quicker. (I was doing another hero WOD. 12th set of DLS at 275) I took last week pretty easy, but the same thing happened this morning doing back squats. As I write this I know I sound like an idiot and pushing my body before it has recovered!!!! BUT, the doctor has stated just to rest and stretch because he believes it is just a lower back muscle strain. 

      I believe it is more than just a strain, and that there may be some issues with the alignment in my SI joint. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I can walk normally. It does not hurt to do an air squat. There is just a tightness that is increased when moving hips to the left. 
      Other issues lately: tight IT band on the left side. Causes tightness on the side of the knee. 
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      AvatarHarry Palmer

      IF it is indeed SI issues, look at this thread and see if it helps. 


      I have a few detailed responses about the SI joint in there that should help.

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