Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums Back Lower Back/Glute/High Hamstring Discomfort

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      AvatarMichael Garetano

      Hi Guys

       Just wondering if anybody could help me with this problem, i can squat full depth still but everything form low hang (Clean and Snatch) uncomfortable. i believe  it tight hamstring causing my problem. stretching isn’t the answer. wondering if anybody has specific stretchs or movements the could loosen these area up.
      Cheers Mike 
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      As far as your squat goes have someone watch you or video yourself watch for any spinal reversal. Just keep yourself honest in this area.

      Tight hamstrings can be a motor control issue. If you have someone around that can check your active straight leg raise (FMS) and toe touch. If you can easily touch your toes with a rounded back but score poorly on active straight leg raise its not in your hamstrings. Chances are that your hamstrings are getting tight as a protective mechanism. They may also get tight as a counter to excessive tension in the front of the hip. So keep the anterior chain supple as well.

      Work on setting your hips back a little more and play around with your hip hinge movement. Dan John and Gray Cook have good stuff in this area.

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