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      Hi everyone

      Im 6ft 3 have long femurs (approx 0.28 ratio) and im having trouble squatting to full depth.

      Since I have long femurs, I have gathered that I need more ankle ROM for the same depth as average femurs. I am not new to mobilitywod and have been following the daily rx as well as my own problem areas for about 9 months now. I work on my ankle.mobility basically every day but still cant pistol squat even in oly shoes. Im beginning to get disheartened. Ive done capsule mobs, soft tissue and watched roops ankle series. Im still not seeing the change I want.

      Im also working on my hips simultaneously, especially hip flexion… but I think the issue lies in the ankles. I dont think my ankle ROM is even that bad….its just my long femurs exaggerate the need for ROM.

      Can anyone help me? I just want to be able to bare foot overhead squat to depth….

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      If you have restrictions in hip flexion that will be an issue when attempting pistols.
      It may not be a mobility issue.
      Have you done any skill work/progressions for pistols?
      Recommend Carl Paoli’s rolling pistol and pistol progressions
      Doing a lesson w/ a knowledgable coach would be beneficial.
      Have someone video you.
      Seeing exactly what is going on has a big impact.

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      Thanks for the response kaitlin. Here is a video of me squatting today in training. I could probably go slightly deeper but I was a bit scared of the weight. Its not as bad as I thought but still has a lot of room for improvement. Specifically I lean foward a lot which gives me an uneven bar path. I still have a lot more ROM to achieve. Do you guys have any ideas on what I can work on?

      I honestly didnt think that my pistol or lack of was due to motor control but Ill definitely be working through those progressions. I just always thought it was a mobility issue as I could never get into the pistol position no mattter how hard I tried.


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