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      I am totally lost and I need help, I had tough weightlifting competition and during heavy lift of clean and jerk I hurt my lower back from bad jerk (hyper extension) I was suffering from sharp pain until I got some exercises from physio it helps with acupuncture and my pain has been reduce a lot

      After sometime of working out I got so much pain from heavy snatch it was in my blade shoulder blade I did some release to the trap then pain moved now when I do certain movement internal rotation or overhead I feel it so bad in push up dips snatch snatch balance sharp pain.

      I need help I am still suffering from lower back the spine not too much and my left shoulder is too much, I am not sure if all is connected.

      Please help

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      How is your back doing?
      Is you trunk movement organized?
      When there is an issue with the spine the primary engines of the hip and shoulder are impacted.

      Have you watched any of the episodes which address the back?
      If you know someone who has or if you can get access to an estim unit that is one way to address your back pain.
      Are you still completing the exercises from the physio?

      Are you continuing to address the trap?
      How is the movement of your scap?

      Are you working on stability within your shoulder?

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