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      AvatarJason Clark

      I play
      basketball once a week and after I play about an hour or 2, my left knee starts
      to hurt real bad and for the next 3 days it continues to hurt but then goes
      away a day or 2 before I have to play again. I’m guessing this means it is some
      sort of overuse injury, however I did get a pretty bad bone bruise on that knee from pushing a
      stuck car out but that was nearly a year ago. I watched the mwod videos Episode
      213: Recovering Your Jumping Calves + Dehydration Check and Knee Pain? Parts
      1,2 and 3. I did everything in those probably to an excess and they helped some
      so I was just wondering if there was something else I could be doing to fix
      this annoying pain other than RICE?

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      I would have someone take a look at your running technique.
      The injury may not be healed. Yes, you saw improvements with the mentioned episodes, but did you stick with it longer enough to hold the changes? Re setting position can take some time as you are unlearning 1 thing and learning a new position at the same time.
      What is your reasoning for ice?
      There are times when ice counter acts what your body does naturally to heal an area.
      Yes, there are some circumstances where ice may be utilized.

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      AvatarJason Clark

      First of all
      thanks for responding to my post. Much appreciated!….Where would one go to
      get their running technique analyzed? I try to do  what the videos says at least 3 times a week
      but I can make it a daily thing if that would assist in making this annoying
      pain go away. As for icing, I rarely do it but when I do it, it is because the
      area around the tibial tuberosity appears to be inflamed and I reluctantly do
      it because that’s what ive always done and been instructed to do. Habit I guess.
      Ive never been a fan of icing, just been told to… I read your response before I
      worked out today and in my warmup on the treadmill which is in front of a
      mirror I noticed my feet kind of flare out when I run. Not sure what that means
      or what I should be working on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Anyways, thanks for your 

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      If you attend a gym you could ask if any of the coaches have experience working with running technique.
      You can take a video from the side and send me the link or post the link and I can look at it for you.
      Seeing what you are actually doing is a big difference vs what it feels like you are doing.
      Which run technique videos are you watching?
      If you are working on mobility and not seeing any changes you may not be addressing the correct areas.
      Here is one episode that addresses this topic.
      Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

      It sounds like you need to relax your ankle when running.
      Before you run do 10 reps each side of:
      Foot flat on the floor and pick up your your heel up to have your laces on the floor and go back back through the rom to have your heel back on the ground. This equals 1 rep. Hold onto the wall or a pole to stay on balance.

      Do you see an improvement when icing?
      Have your done anything else to address the inflamed area?

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I have the EXACT same symptoms. I think it could be a stress fracture, or maybe adult osgood schlaters, which does exist. I took 4 weeks off and it didn’t help.

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      AvatarJason Clark

      UPDATE–@daduf I hope you have found some relief or solution to this pesky issue and if you have please message me. It has been over a year and half since my bone bruise incident/knee pain issue and still after one session of playing basketball my knee is in pain. I can squat and do leg lifts with basically no pain. The only lift that gives me any sort of pain is the clean and jerk and that is menial compared to a night of basketball. So there is something that happens or i am not doing correctly when I start cutting and jumping off of my left leg and sprinting that wrecks the area of my left tibial tuberosity and makes any type of running and jumping sport torture. I desire no surgical intervention but I have tried mob programming for upstream and downstream of the knee but still to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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