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      I just recently returned to patrol after riding a desk for almost 3 years and have just been diagnosed with Meralgia paresthetica.  The front of my right quad will go numb when sleeping on my back with my leg at a certain angle or at times, when I am standing at work with the duty belt on. I just changed my duty belt this last block to one with a padded inside belt (that seems to help the numbness from standing).  I’m looking for the best “package” mobility exercises I can do to get rid of this problem as fast as I can (going on 6 weeks now).  I’m seeing a massage therapist to help me out.

      I’ve always done hip mobility and couch stretch but it seems that I’ve missed something.  Everything is so tight and compressing down on my femoral nerve by the inguinal ligament.  
      What am I looking for? “do A, B, C, D” .. I’ve got my supple leopard book, I’ve been going through it and using it. I just feel like I may need help coming up with a specific list of things I can do and need to do them consistently.
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      You are experiencing entrapment or “pinching” of the nerve that supplies sensation to the outer portion of the thigh. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve becomes “entrapped” as it passes under the ligament of the groin. The pressure on the nerve is responsible for the numbness.
      Is there pressure on your hip flexor from your belt?
      The belt may narrow the opening and squeezing the nerve.
      Lessening the pressure will help the situation to improve.
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      Episode 259: Back In Quadness, Baby

      Episode 56: Best Ice Pack, Solving Hip Impingement

      Have you looked at your standing position?
      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand

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      Hi Kaitlin, I don’t believe my belt directly sits on my hip flexors. From a standing position it is right at the upper hip bone level and when sitting, the bottom of the belt does not tough my thigh (almost but not quite).  Unfortunately the belt has to be tight, I’m hoping the extra padding will help. Plan B is to move things around on my belt and shift some weight to the left side — this is not my first choice as I’ve been using my belt the way it is for 8 years.

      Thanks for the links, I will be checking them out, right now!
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      I’ve had to move my belt around to alleviate the level of numbness/tingling.  I’ve tried every treatment under the sun (physio, massage, sport chiro) but the main thing that seems to make a huge difference is nerve flossing of the femoral nerve. Hope it helps anyone else who has this issue.
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