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      AvatarBryon Wehman
      I suffer from a right lateral pelvic tilt. I’ve had it probably all of my life. I end up with a lot of lower back tightness and pain and I’ve even succumbed to injury from deadlifts. Deadlifting at any volume causes my back to seize up. Same thing with hyperextensions and sometimes good mornings, etc. This is very discouraging as I love deadlifts and I want to build my glutes and hamstrings and not have pain. I also get a strange clicking sensation inside the right side of my pelvis/hip area when I do certain leg lifting abdominal exercises or laterally rotate the hip while raising the leg. It doesn’t hurt but it is a strange sensation. I’ve read that it may be internal snapping hip syndrome and I’m guessing it may be caused by the high hip.
      I’m not sure if this comes from a leg length discrepancy which is something I was told by a PT. Is there a way I can work around this or even help to fix it?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
      What is causing the right lateral pelvic tilt to keep showing up?
      If your hip are out of alignment this can be addressed by a chiropractor. With one hip higher than the other this may be the cause of the leg length discrepancy. When the hips are aligned the discrepancy will even out.
      You could ask others at the gym who they see or check the M|Wod practitioner list
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