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      Hey there fellow supple ones. Just wanted to throw the door open about a constant problem that I’m seeing in a lot of athletes that are coming from other training backgrounds and also CrossFit athletes that train at my box, and myself for that matter. Knees collapsing in on driving from the bottom on heavy squats. I understand that is the body faulting into a nasty position to find tension and get the job done and also a weakness in medial leg muscles, glutes also a touch of lack of mobility through the hips. To keep it short and sweet I’m after some info on the biggest contributing factors that is causing these problems and the smoking gun to fix the problem (if there is one).

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I have same problem that I can’t fix.  Does that mean the weight is just too heavy?

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      The biggest problem that I see at most Crossfit gyms/collegiate strength and conditioning facilities is the lack of emphasis on strict technique. Most knee collapse during a heavy squat is a motor control issue. It’s more fun to PR on a back squat than it is to spend a training session working with lighter weight and focusing on flawless technique. These technique training sessions are the roots of the concept that practice makes permanent. Lastly, there is a difference between winning and being successful. If you PR on your back squat by 5 lbs you may have won because you have increased your PR number. If your knees caved in like a new born deer and you wrecked your meniscus and cartilage, you were not successful. 

      Drop the weight, check the ego at the door and build your heavier lifts up without sacrificing positioning.
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