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      AvatarMatt Brahim

      Hi, I’ve been having knee pain for a few months now. I notice it a lot when I am in a wide stance squat. Sometimes I notice it in a normal squat but not usually. My knees also tend to be stiff when I wake up in the morning. I work on on ankle mobility (with band), hip capsule mob, quads, hamstrings, voodoo floss, feet, etc. I also eat extremely well and get plenty of sleep. I can’t seem to shake this knee pain. Any recommendations?

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Need to identify where the pain originates.
      What have you been doing to address it?
      Seeing any changes?

      How are your squat mechanics?
      Are you working both sides of the joint?
      You are addressing the joint capsule with the band, however, are you making change in the joint capsule?
      Poor trunk control can cause downstream tightness.
      When disorganized at the trunk and loading the calf, quad, & hamstring may get tight to protect the nervous system.
      Wonky, Beat Up Joint? Feed That Thing Good Mechanics and Some Slack

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      AvatarMatt Brahim

      I’ve been doing a lot of ankle mobility, hip mobilizations, couch stretch, soft tissue work on calves, quads and hips. I make sure to have the arches of my feet engaged. I’ve seen a little bit of progress in range of motions but still pain in certain positions.

      Squat mechanics are good. Better than they were before I had the knee pain. For awhile I’ve had discomfort in my left lateral knee when I would do certain things like forcing my leg out further in a middle splits position or in a cossack squat. When the gyms initialed shut down back in March I started doing a lot of bodyweight lunges and squats and then I noticed my other knee was hurting. Thats when I really started focusing on my squat, feet, ankle mobility and hips.

      I’ve definitely made progress in terms of range of motion and knowledge about the body since focusing on these things and really using this site but for some reason I feel I’ve had more discomfort in my knees and right ankle where the heel connects to the calf even though my range of motion is much better and I can sit in a deep squat for longer.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Great to hear you are increasing your knowledge about the body.
      Good that you are seeing some improvements in range of motion.

      Are your knees coming forward first?
      If your knees are coming forward first then your load ordering is off. In this case your knees are loading more because they are being loaded first.

      The other knee may have started to hurt from the increased volume of lunges and squats.
      Do both knees currently have pain when squatting?
      New range can be sloppy range at first.
      You can have more discomfort with your improved range of motion since you are in new positions. Your knee and/or are working differently than they have in the past. You may be using muscles differently as well.
      The change in range of motion can bring other restrictions to light.
      Thursday, August 17th, 2017 – Calcaneus Check
      Free Your Heel, Free Your Mind
      Pro Episode # 44: The Last 25% of Your Ankle Restriction (Snatches and Pistols here we come!)

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      AvatarMatt Brahim

      I’ve been doing a lot of those videos working on the calcaneus cuz my right one gets sore a lot.

      I really focus on getting my glutes and hamstrings on first and not having my knees load first. There usually isn’t any pain or discomfort when I squat, maybe if its right when I get out of bed and everything is tight (thats also something I noticed) but like I said in the first original post I have pain when I’m in a wide squat stance. Its right in that indent on the outside of the knee cap above that boney part, I’m not sure what the correct term is.

      Also, if I sit in 90/90 I can feel pressure on my knees so I try to avoid that but I see so many people online using that for hip mobility and I don’t know another way to work on internal rotation other than the hip capsule mob.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Great to hear you are working with load ordering.
      With a wider stance you need to simultaneously flare the knees outward throughout the squat.

      A few for hip internal rotation
      Friday, October 12th, 2018 – Squatting & Hip Internal Rotation
      Pro Episode: Missing Hip Internal Rotation
      Monday, February 26th, 2018 – Hip Internal Rotation Primer
      Saturday, March 18th, 2017 – Hip Internal & External Rotation
      There are more if you search the archive
      Let me know if you need help finding others.

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      AvatarMatt Brahim

      Thank you.

      Also, with butt wink is it bad to squat past when you butt starts to round?

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      AvatarMatt Brahim

      Never mind I saw some videos in the archive that go over it.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons
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