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      Hi guyz, a friend of mine wrote me this:

      echo diagnosis: small
      retro-patellar bursitis left which seems to confirm the presence of a
      true tendonitis, highlighted by a small fluid blade located at the purse
      The pain is similar to a strong pressure point below the knee.
      It appears on all movements of squat (from 75% of the motion until the
      In a full squat position, the pain seems to subside.
      In a squat position where the hamstrings are parallel to the ground, the
      pain subsides when I rock my body weight forward and increases when I
      rock the weight back.
      During the raising phase, and on the pulses, the pain is also present.
      On the ground, If I contract the quadricep, outstretched leg, and that I
      make an effort to push the leg upwards while applying a reverse
      pressure on the leg, strangely to, I have no pain.
      Despite a break of several months, two osteopathy session, three
      mesotherapy session, the problem persists and i have no idea of the
      exact origin or method to use to solve this problem.”

      i don’t know how to help him if you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

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      Sounds like a situation to consult someone.
      When a situation is outside of your knowledge base, experience you have to consult someone with the knowledge base to resolve the situation

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