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      AvatarNathan LOE

      So I have what I think/thought is patellar tendonitis in my right knee which came on after a lot of running.  However, I first felt it about a couple of months ago now so maybe it’s something else?  The pain has eased off some from where it initially was but wasn’t really improved at all in the last few weeks.  Ibuprofen helped but the pain came back as soon as I stopped taking it.  

      Pain mostly shows up when squatting, waling up/down stairs and anytime I stand up after sitting.  Putting any pressure on the bottom of the patellar tendon gives a pretty sharp/intense pain.  

      Up to now I’ve been smashing my quads, mainly right above the knee and anterior hip is pretty tight so I’ve been smashing that too.  Also been doing plenty of couch stretching and some voodoo flossing.  No real improvement.  
      I’ve also got a super tight tib anterior on my right side.  So again, plenty of smashing with PVC roller and lacrosse ball.  I’m pretty sure there are a few spots in my tib that are referring pain directly to the patellar tendon and vice versa.  Is this actually possible or just wishful thinking on my part?  My anatomy isn’t the best!  
      I guess I just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions?  I feel like I’m doing all the right things but conscious I should have started seeing improvement by now?  Einstein’s definition of insanity and all that!!  
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      AvatarJason Jenkins

      From my personal experience, sounds like patellar to me.  I bought the VooDoo bands just for my patellar pain.  When applied right above the knee and right below the knee, they open up the patellar and let all the nastiness out.


      They say a common fault to cause your patellar to inflame is allowing your knees to go inward while squatting. 

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      When the patellar tendonitis  subsided were you running the same amount?
      There could be a deviation in ibuprofen is going after a symptom of the issue not the cause of the issue.
      Without resolving the cause of the pain the pain will reoccur.
      Have you used the Supernova for the anterior tib?
      Are you seeing improvements with what you are doing?

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      Just curious….if you’re barefoot, can you squat to at least 90 without having your knee’s come forward or your heels come up off the ground?

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      AvatarNathan LOE

      Kaitlin – I’d stopped running, squatting etc. when the pain subsided.  It came back after the first run I did post resting it so absolutely the underlying cause was not resolved.  

      I don’t have a Supernova so I’ve been smashing with a combo of lacrosse ball (which is awkward) and a PVC roller.
      I really don’t think I’ve seen any improvement.  As far as causes go, I think the main biomechanical fault is probably my knee falling inwards.  I definitely have noticed it while running and squatting.  I deadlifted today as I didn’t think it would bother my knee but I noticed pain off the ground (more medial than patellar) and was having to really fight to keep my knees caving in.  
      Thor – yes I could.  The main issue would be ‘butt wink/tuck under’ or whatever you want to call it.  
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      I think you have answered your question.
      You need to address the butt wink when squatting.
      Pro Episode # 27 – Butt Winking Is NOT ok. Ever. (So don’t you even think it.)
      You can use a lacrosse ball to smash your anterior tib.
      Daily Rx Saturday, August 17th, 2013
      Episode 07: Bro, Your Navicular Bone Dropped
      If you are working on things and not seeing improvement you are not hitting the effected tissue.
      Re evaluate the situation to ensure you are hitting the most impacted areas.
      What is your foot position when squatting?

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