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      AvatarJames Beatty

      I have come across a plethora of articles supporting spinal flexion exercises for the abs such as situps, crunches, etc., as well as articles against it with evidence stating the finite limits of disc compression. I was wondering what Kelly’s opinion is on the matter, as well as anyone else who has an opinion supported by quality research.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I dont have any research to cite in this reply, but I’ll say this.  what are the goals of some of these spinal flexion exercises? if it is “strong core” ie. situps, crunches, i would argue that it can create a lot of hypertrophy for looking good in a bodybuilding competition but if it’s strength then there are better ways of building bracing that do not flex the spine in ways that may result in injury.

      i’m a fan of the info that Dr. Stuart McGill and the FMS crew have produced on backs.  they don’t like lumbar spine flexion too much…
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      AvatarLoren Phillips

      I hate spinal flexion abdominal work as I can feel how they pull me into extension… but unfortunately the military uses them to grade physical fitness. After I do situps/crunches I always try to do some hip flexor/capsule mob and hit my psoas before I go to bed, seems to help. 

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