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      Hi guys i’ve got a question on ways to improve shoulder joint stability. Putting motor control and proper form out of the equation for the time being( even though they both make up like 95% of stability) I am wondering any techniques or exercises or Mwods or anything that I can actually work on to get the ball to sit tighter in the socket. Now the reason I ask is because I’ve got a labrum tear in both shoulders but it is not that severe enough to get surgery. I have heard that if it is not to bad you can strengthen the RC to be able to pick up the lack of stability when the labrum is torn. I also heard Kelly starrett say that if the joint is loose you don’t want to work on the capsule because it will make it even more unstable. am i misunderstanding or is that true? Any tips or techniques would be great, thanks!

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      Turkish get up should help stability through isometric contraction without using movement that could lead to further instability.

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