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      I have come across the post and theory below, please share your views and opinions:

      Under the assumption someone is right handed and right footed.

      Your left leg is more than likely stronger in pressing movements.

      Your left pec and most likely back will be better developed. The anterior head of your right shoulder will be overdeveloped and quite possibly the scapula will wing slightly.

      This is what I term as limb dominance. The co-ordination and stability in the dominant limb means that around the ankle, knee and hip in the lower limbs and wrist, elbow and shoulder in the upper body illicit better performance as simple levers from the mid joint (elbows and knees). The flexors and extensors are surrounded by better and in some cases overdeveloped supporting structures. The biceps and triceps in the upper body, quads and hamstrings respectively in the lower body. 

      Because of this the hub or powerhouse of the limbs, the hip and shoulder joint do less work making the ‘limb’ dominant. The weaker none dominant side utilises the strength of the torso and has a better supporting joint at the shoulder and hip. Therefore over time as an example a chest press will use the chest more to press on the non dominant side and the lats to stabilise more. On the dominant side the shoulder would be unstable, as the lats wouldn’t stabilise and the press is performed more with the anterior Delt and tricep.

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