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      AvatarAndrew Norman

      Last night I tried flexion gapping for the first time on knees and elbows, and injured all four joints, and it has damaged my joints.

      I used a rolled up towel and mild pressure. I followed the process shown in Becoming a Supple Leopard, but it did not have much detail on method or pressure. I only did it for 30seconds on each joint because it felt pulling on the muscles over the knee or elbow. I immediately felt swelling and now today my knees feel like jelly and are difficult to lock out, and I have burning pain in all four joints. I also get aching pain where my knees attach to my shins, especially when squatting down. I still have range of motion and can walk, but the pain is quite high and knees feel wobbly.

      Has anybody else had negative experiences from flexion gapping? I am worried I have done some deep damage, and did not expect this could happen so easily. There was nothing in the book’s instructions about how to apply pressure – did I do something wrong?

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