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      As per my title, when I’m practicing the real beginner couch stretch where I keep both knees in the ground (so I’m essentially on all fours) as a warm-up, I have no issue keeping my rear knee tucked in nice and tight to the wall. But when I start to bring my front foot forward to rise into a low lunge position, my rear knee starts to slide out slightly (by about 1.5-2″). Is it ok for my knee to slip out this much providing my shin is staying straight up and parallel to the wall? If not, how can I work on keeping my knee ‘tucked in’ whilst still getting my front foot grounded?

      I should add that currently I can’t get my front leg and foot right round so it’s straight in front of me and is more canted at a 35-45 degree angle.

      I hope all the above makes sense!

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