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      AvatarDeven Williams

      Day after doing so cleans my left elbow is pretty hot w/some swelling. My guess it was caused by a lack of ROM/mobility in the front rack position. I know how to work on that, any input on what I might want to do to help its current state.

      I know, no icing……I have some mild compression on it now and have tried smashing my triceps a bit.
      My kingdom for a decent MD/PT in my area!
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      Do you have or have access to a Marc Pro?
      Voodoo wrap it
      Where do you live?
      Hitting your forearm can help the situation

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      Thanks for the help.

      No Marc Pro
      I Voo Doo wrapped yesterday evening and I got more swelling.
      Near Middlebury VT.
      I’l keep after my forearm.
      It wasn’t acute, didn’t bother me when lifting. It came on overnight.
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      Don’t know any practitioners in that area.
      Addressing above and below the elbow can help circulation in the area.

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      Thanks again.

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      I’m pretty sure I’ve fired up some bursitis. 

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      Thanks, I’d seen the vids but didn’t think they addressed my problem directly.

      I have a Skype appointment with Roop on Friday and I’ll bounce it off him.

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      AvatarMark Feinholz

      Hi Alec,

      seems like I’ve got a similar issue with my left elbow.
      How did you solve the issue?
      thanks for your help!
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      AvatarZach Hensley

      Same here, left elbow feels like I pitched 9 innings after pull ups, dips, cleans, or snatches. The first long from the “deleted user” post has a video that fixes the pain. Now to find out what to do about keeping it from occurring.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      J Cooper
      I ended up with 2 different log ins so we deleted one to resolve a complication within the system.

      You need to address the movement pattern(s) (pull ups, dips, cleans, snatches) causing the pain.
      Can you do a lesson with a coach or have someone video tape you so you can see exactly what you are doing when performing these movements?
      Check out front rack positioning, does your elbow flare out on dips?
      Carl Paoli has excellent progressions (pull up, dips) on Free+style which will help retool the movement patterns.
      Do you have restriction in external rotation at the shoulder?

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