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      AvatarMichael Bashista

      Like Kelly & Roop suggest in the wobs, that hip internal rotation is very important, especially for the reason that it provides capsule slack when going into Ext rotation like squatting -> knees out.

      My hip internal rotation is very poor and with that I’ve been looking for mobs to do to clear it up. With it being very hard to search and find, I have looked nevertheless and this below in the links is all I can seem to find.

      Now, I want to ask regarding technique in these mobs. I’ve done both mobs where the band is distracting posterior and also lateral distraction.

      With the biased leg in internal rotation…. Is it the norm to try and sit back a little more into deeper flexion while doing this, also relax into the socket and shift lateral & back. Also in the latest mobs it suggests pivoting more with the body to bias into more internal rotation. I done all this within 3 minutes per side and felt a small but better range.

      Also, I seem to have a problem where if I lie supine and raise my legs to test IR then I get a cramping feeling in my rotators, in that corner. I Also get the same feeling if I lie prone, knees together and let my legs fall out. It’s more a soft tissue feeling that it becomes very tough and ropey and cramps up, if I hang there passively then I’m aware of it but if I actively try to go into more IR then it gets more crampy and I need to back off.

      Do you have any other suggest Mobs that help Hip IR ?

      – From 2011
      – Recent Mobs in DailyRX

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      this is an awesome dailyRx on hip IR:

      i would smash out those rotators – the flexor wad on the side of hip? i like to use a supernova on them and just pressure wave back and forth across the whole area up against that bone and down through the side of the hip and into top of IT band and lateralis, and even across to the front on the very top of the quad.  hitting the high adductors couldn’t hurt while you’re there.
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey RossGers,

      I think you’re basically just feeling your TFL freak out as you put it into it’s shortened position. Think about it like this: you’ve been lacking hip internal rotation for a while now, right? Your TFL is a major internal rotator muscle, and it lives in that little “flexor wad” corner on the front-outside of your hip (in the pocket zone). So now, when you try to actively go into internal rotation (especially with the hip flexed), you’re putting that muscle into a shortened position that it hasn’t had to work in for a loooooong time.

      The same kind of thing happens when you’re trying to learn something like an L-sit. Early on, the front of your thigh will cramp up and freak out because you’re putting your rec fem in a way shortened position that it usually doesn’t perform in. It’s just a matter of letting the muscle get used to working in the new shape.

      Basically, if you keep working on it actively that feeling of cramping should improve with time. Just give it a little ball love when you’re done the active stuff to release the tension (you don’t have to be TOO aggressive) and chill it back out again.

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      AvatarMichael Bashista

      Thanks for the reply guys.

      The link you posted David is the same link I posted and I feel that its a great mob. So I will keep doing that. How often should I do it, like everyday?

      I understand what your saying so I will keep it going. I have been smashing on area itself and surrounding tissues regularly for a while using the supernova and a hockey ball. However, I think my approach is all wrong, as I have been smashing / rolling on itself, like a quick 2minutes post workout here and there but the majority of the time I’ve been doing it at night on the floor watching TV.  Is there a better method than just rolling? Should I been doing anything else alongside like a dynamic move fore activation, or stretching or distraction before or after?

      Smashing the area provides me with temporally relief from tension and stiffness. But I don’t really think it helps with any increase in ROM and I still experience a cramping feeling but like you said it’s getting used to that new range with it being pissed off.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      whoops i should have looked closer at the link – you’re right in that you posted it! sorry about that.

      change can take months to happen. it’s frustrating to be that long, but sometimes it can take one session or it can take the better part of a year. 
      in any case, examining your movement patterns will speed up the process and doing hip openers and stretches with band preferably will also help a great deal beyond just smashing. 
      case in point – it took me a good 4 months of hip openers and smashing to get from bad squat to almost ass to heels. but i then plateaued there for many months until i played with Ready to Run’s air squat test (8x 20s AMRAP air squats, RI 10s, with good form, and below horizontal at deepest part) for a few weeks. imparting movement in this manner really greased my squat ability and now i find i can get pretty deep without mobs. 
      i just took Original Strength Foundation I a week ago. i find that the rocking exercises are doing great for my hip mobility as well.
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