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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      Can Hip Extension limit Hip Flexion? I’ve been working a lot on my hamstrings lately with a band and was wondering if my hip extension improved, would that also help with the hamstrings? 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      You should have full hip extension as well as full hip flexion.
      Test hip extension before and after doing work.
      What is going on with your hamstrings?

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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      I’m a collegiate sprinter who for the first time in his life strained my hamstring and then came back to soon and strained it again. I’m very scared of reinjuring it because of the process it took to come back so I’m always working on them

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas
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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      I am seeing improvements from what I’ve done in terms of just feeling better in terms of mechanics and every day lie. The more I research, I believe I need to focus more on my back and hips and that will improve my hamstring more than anything else. My biggest issue is I am visually impaired so my head is always shooting forward to see no matter what. Also, the side I injured my hamstring on is the same side I had an avulsion fracture of my talus a few years back and my ankles make a “pop” or “click” sound along with tight calves. The other issue is that my right hip seems to make a “popping” noise a lot which from looking at one of the mwod episodes may be causing my calves to be tight.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Good to hear you are seeing improvements in every day life.
      Yes, the spine is the place to start.
      Then move to the primary engines of the hip and shoulder.
      Your hamstring situation could be a downstream impact of something going on at the hip.

      Now that you are more aware of your forward head position you can address this.
      Adjusting your body position when moving to see something. Working within the conditions.
      Undoing the impact of the situation.
      Episode 169: Forward Head On Neck Position
      Episode 130: One million Episodes Viewed!

      Episode 109: The Neck of a Desk Warrior Poet
      Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck

      Did the ligament or tendon tear with the fracture?
      Have you seen a doctor since the fracture?
      Have you seen a practitioner about your back and ankle current situations?
      Stiffness with upward/downward movement of the ankle?

      The hip, calf and hamstring can be upstream compensations of what is going on at the ankle.
      The calf is impacted by what is going on at the hip and ankle.

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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      Thank you Kaitlyn for always being very active on the boards. I have felt much better in the past month while focusing more on the spine with the t spine smash used at least twice a week. I’ve also been trying to work on Hip extension which has also helped. One issue I am noticing during this process is that my right medial hamstring will make a “pop” or c”click” sound right behind the knee when I do banded lockouts and especially when i do them laterally. I’m thinking that this may be due to tight adductors because i can’t pin point another reason why. I have never injured the medial part of my hamstring so it is very weird. It doesn’t hurt either. 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you are seeing improvements with what where you are focusing.
      Sounds like your hamstring is tight.
      See how it is with smashing the hamstring and adductors.

      Working on another layer.
      As some things resolve others may come up.
      Its not a good/bad thing it just is.
      Work on an area before there is an issue or injury.
      Doesn’t need to have pain or be injured to address it.
      Be pro active which will put you in place to perform at your best day in and day out.

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      AvatarCorrinne MacFarlane

      The more I work on the area, I can get a nerves sensation from lockouts when my leg is away from my body. Also, I get this “catching/moving” feeling right in my groin whenever I move my leg out or when I move it forward. Sometimes it’ll get painful after an extension of the hip stretch, but it gets better if I smash the adductor/hip flexor afterwards. What could this be?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Recommend seeing a doctor or practitioner to determine what is going. Nerve sensation is an added symptom. You have a few different things occurring which you’ve taken a crack at and not seen improvement.
      There may be movement patterns/ techniques which need correction.
      Continue smashing the adductor/ hip flexors.
      15:00 a day consistency is key.

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